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Smokingfan is a free magazine focus on smoking fetish and soft erotism. We have the ambition to be a great place for smokers, genuine voyeurs and esthetes. We only promote works that need to be enlightened. If we think that a movie scene, a model or a studio create good quality contents, we’ll probably make a review about it. Remember, we are just people who wants to feed their addiction.

To contact us: admin[at]smokingfan.com

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  1. Sabrina
    Sabrina / 8-10-2015 / ·

    Hi i am dancer but want to me model have photos and video of me smoking can you help please

    thx Sabrina x

  2. PossessedBySmokingWomen
    PossessedBySmokingWomen / 11-3-2016 / ·

    Thank you so much for making this site! There is nothing sexier than a smoking woman. This world has to be a smoking world again. We can do it. Thanks to all these lovely actresses and celebrities that are role models for other girls.

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